At Marukame Udon, we're commited to creating the perfect udon noodle which, for us, is Sanuki Udon. Sanuki is a region of the Kagawa prefecture in Japan known for its udon noodles — there are approximately 700 udon shops in Kagawa alone! Sanuki-style Udon is famous for its time-consuming process that produces signature chewy, aldente noodles. Traditionally, the flour milled in Kagawa is used for making Sanuki Udon and is known all over Japan for its delicate taste.

The foundation for udon begins with three basic ingredients: wheat flour, water and salt. Sanuki Udon is created through an elaborate process in which the wheat flour dough is mixed and then ages for two hours to produce the dense, mouthy-feel that is essential to great Sanuki udon. The dough is then allowed to rest overnight and used the next day.

After a night of kneading and rising, the dough is formed into a sheet and passed through a noodle-cutting machine that slices the dough into thick strands of udon which is always cooked to order. After the noodles are allowed to boil to an aldente texture, they are plunged into chilled water and then hand rolled onto a wooden rack. Soon, they are ready to eat.

At Marukame, we have carefully selected the wheat flour we use and paid special attention to the amount of water and salinity when preparing our dough. The moisture content of the dough depends on the weather which also influences the dough-making process. This means that the great taste of our noodles are created by making small adjustments when needed. For this reason, we taste the very first batch of boiled noodles every morning so we can adjust the adequate boiling time by several seconds that day to get that perfect chewy bite.

While the time required to boil the noodles can change depending on the season and weather, the most important attention is given to the condition of the noodles. Variations in noodle quality are also created during the step where we leave the dough to age — they may either have aged well or not. The person in charge of boiling noodles takes special care to ensure our noodles are in their best condition every day before we serve our bowls of udon to our customers.

The amount of time used to boil the noodles can also differ depending on the type of Udon dish. In the case of Kamaage udon, the exact boiling time is very important. Only noodles taken out of the boiler just several minutes before they are fully boiled will have the soft, chewy texture that is particular to Kamaage udon. If this timing is missed, the noodles will soak in more water and have a different quality that is only good for Kake udon or Bukkake udon. This is why customers who order a Kamaage Udon may sometimes have to wait a little longer.

Our broths help bring out the great taste of our noodles. The clear broth for Kake-dashi (Kake soup) and Bukkake-dashi (Bukkake dipping sauce) are freshly prepared every day at our shops.

The quality of the soup deteriorates if they are made in large batches. For that reason, we have a very strict rule for the amount that can be created each time. The Marukame way is to take the time and every effort to create our soups by hand.

The quality of the soup deteriorates if they are made in large batches. For that reason, we have a very strict rule for the amount that can be created each time. The Marukame way is to take the time and every effort to create our soups by hand.

We have chosen to create tastes that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Usually, when one talks about Sanuki soup, one thinks first of iriko (dried sardine) as a main ingredient. Here at Marukame, however, we use less iriko in our broths. We create our stocks by using Japanese-imported kelp as the base ingredient and dried fish such as mackerel, bonito, and round herring. We then create a clear broth by slow-cooking the stock and adding two types of Kaeshi mixes (soy sauce, sugar, mirin) to further balance the flavor and create our Kake-dashi (Kake soup) and Bukkake-dashi (Bukkake dipping sauce)

In our search for deliciousness, we've also paid great attention to the condiments that are vital to udon dishes. We offer freshly grated ginger, green onion, tempura flakes, sesame seeds and more. Our tempura flakes are fried at each of the shops thanks to the fact that tempura items are deep-fried. Our green onions are also carefully selected. All of this combined, is a result of our dedication to the perfect noodle.

The Perfect Bowl of Udon — that's our commitment to to you.

We dedicate ourselves to providing handmade, freshly cooked udon. Sanuki Udon are freshly made, boiled, and prepared using noodle-making machines and carefully selected flour. Our soups are prepared daily in small batches and we use only the freshest quality ingredients for our condiments.



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